/Windows 8 Shortcut Keys

Windows 8 Shortcut Keys


As you probably know; Windows 8 is is a strange beast! It’s like two operating systems in one.

It’s actually quite a nice OS if you have a touch enabled device (I’ve been using several devices including an Asus Vivotab Smart Tablet for the past few weeks).
With a touch-screen or tablet, everything is within easy reach, but it’s not quite so user friendly if you are using a regular screen with keyboard and mouse.

So I thought I’d post some keyboard shortcuts in case anyone was curious.

(In fact even if you do have a touch-screen these shortcut keys can help to speed up access to useful functions)




+ C = Open the charms menu

 + Q = Open the Search charm to search apps

+ F = Open the Search charm to search files

+ H = Open the Share charm

+ I = Open the Settings charm

+ K = Open the Devices charm

+ O = Lock the screen orientation

+ Z = Show the commands available in the app

+ Tab = Cycle through open apps

+ Full Stop (“.”) = Snaps apps to the right