/Outlook 2011 – Not Synching with Address Book

Outlook 2011 – Not Synching with Address Book

Hi All

Update 14.1.2 for Office 2011 came out recently and, thinking I was being a security conscious kind of guy,  I installed it.
I’ve had nothing but problems with Outlook since! I don’t use the other products in Office half as much as I used too, so I can’t tell you if they are also similarly affected by the update. But I can tell you that Outlook is almost unusable now.

It regularly stops receiving emails – the program does not crash, it just “stops” bringing new items into the Inbox. Even a “send / receive” does not kick it into life. Instead I find myself quitting and restarting Outlook every few hours just to make sure I’ve received all my email.

Another annoying problem is that all my contacts disappeared from Address book, and so my iPhone contacts disappeared too (because iPhone syncs with Address Book).

Fortunately I found a solution to the last one – In Outlook preferences disable all your Sych Services. Then quit Outlook and wait a couple of minutes (I know that sounds vague, but I’m para-phrasing these instructions from several MS Support sources). Then restart Outlook and re-enable your Sync Services, turn around 3 times, touch your nose with your right index finger and say loudly “woola, hoola, moola hey!” then open Address Book and you SHOULD now see your Outlook Contacts being populated !

As an experienced Microsoft Tech I should, of course, have remembered my “Stop-it and start-it-again” Microsoft training – can’t believe I missed that one!


Hope this helps someone else out