/OS X Server DNS not working – view com.apple.serveradmin.dns.public

OS X Server DNS not working – view com.apple.serveradmin.dns.public

Hi All

Had a real ‘tear my hair out day today’.

I was trying to setup an OS X server to act as a PDC for a windows domain. But the DNS resolution would not work and thus the Windows clients couldn’t find the Domain Controller.

After some more digging I discovered that the OS X server (although running the DNS service) was NOT resolving DNS queries. This had been masked by the fact that DHCP was giving out 2 DNS server addresses and the 2nd was resolving everything.

A look in server admin showed DNS entires similar to :

view com.apple.serveradmin.dns.public query (cache) www.google.com denied

in fact everything was being denied.

I won’t bore you all with the detail, but the solution was to create an entry in DNS Settings (server admin) and enter the local subnet and mask in the ‘Accept recursive queries from the following networks:’ box

This was a fresh install of OS X and all that had been done was to following the install wizard, so I’m not sure why this entry would have been incorrect, but Hey Ho – it works now!