/Only Administrator account permits this.

Only Administrator account permits this.

Had a problem on a client’s laptop the other day where he suddenly couldn’t use the fn keys to change brightness or adjust volume etc.

A reboot produced a error message which read “Only administrator account permits this”. Many Google’s later and I still hadn’t found a cause. I presumed this was a UAC issue but the client was running XP not Vista. Plus the local account had Administrator permission so it just didn’t make any sense!
The problem turned out to be related to a program called preMKbd.exe which is a Samsung program that controls the fn keys on the keyboard.

Despite identifying the cause, I couldn’t find a solution. I tried upgrading to latest the version of the Magic Keyboard software, I ran Windows Update, Samsung update etc. etc.

Eventually I posted a question on the Samsung notebook forums, but this too failed to turn up a result after a few days.

Out of desperation, today, we uninstalled the program and re-installed it and Viola! The darn thing started working!

Oh well, that’s what I get for not following the 3 golden rules of I.T. Support:

1) Try Rebooting the machine

2) Un-install and re-install

3) Tell the client it’s time to upgrade! lol!