/Office for Mac 2011 – Sync Services Agent

Office for Mac 2011 – Sync Services Agent

Hi everyone

Before I start, let me say that Office for Mac 2011 is a wonderful program! I have been using it since Beta three.  Although I was a user of office 2008 the lack of outlook meant I couldn’t use a Mac as my everyday computer.  Well Outlook has finally come to the Mac and I for one am immensely grateful.

However during my install today – I came across this issue:

You must stop the following programs and services:

Sync Services Agent

I couldn’t figure out where this darn program was and so I couldn’t stop it.

But I finally figured it out – Open Finder, then applications, then utilities then open the Activity Monitor.

Now you can find the sync services agent in the list and quit it – viola the install will now continue!

Good Luck and Enjoy O4M 2011