/Mozo Cover for Lumia 650 – First Look

Mozo Cover for Lumia 650 – First Look

The, light wood, Mozo case for my Lumia 650 arrived yesterday. So I thought I’d post some photos.

Mozo Cover

It’s not real wood, but the plastic they use is a very good reproduction.

The cover is a little thicker than the original one, so the camera is now flush with the back.



Actually I think it makes the device feel nicer in the hand.

I wasn’t sure about the appearance of cover at first, something about the black trim on the phone mozo-light-back-view-1that surrounds it didn’t seem quite right to me, but the cover has attracted quite a bit of attention since I’ve put it on – people who hadn’t noticed the phone at all since I’ve been using it, have suddenly been asking me about it. Apparently people think it looks great…so I guess I’ll be keeping it on 🙂



Video review is coming shortly.