/Microsoft and the mobile phone

Microsoft and the mobile phone

Hi All

Am I the only one that is disappointed with Microsoft’s response to the windows mobile?

I’ve been a long time user of Windows Mobile and always sung it’s praises. IMHO it’s a far better product than those crappy lackberies and far more advanced than anything the other major mobile manufacturers can produce. However Microsoft’s products have always felt a little ‘lacking’.
I can’t quite place my finger finger on it – but the Windows mobile experience has felt a little short of where it should be!

About three years ago I asked my Microsoft account manger if I could get some ‘trial’ windows mobile phones to show my customers. Of course their answer was ‘No’ you have to buy them at full price! So of course I didn’t bother.

Result : about 75% of my customers purchased competing products when their contracts were renewed. Those that did buy Windows mobile were more than happy and continued to purchase them up until the present day.

Now the problem is – I came to Canada in 2006 to open a new business and quickly realized that the Canadian mobile phone market is way behind anything europe has to offer (I mean many suppliers are still working on CDMA meaning no SIM cards thus your handset is fixed to one supplier only).
So although my, SIM card based, UK mobile phone could be used in Canada – A new job I was doing for IBM required regular long distance calls meant I was paying in excess of $100 a day in charges!!

So I looked for a new contract with a windows mobile but eventually found an iphone on Rogers for a reasonable amount.

This is where my dilemma started. The iphone is a GREAT product. After using one for a couple of weeks, I decided to give Apple another look (I haven’t used Apple products since I bought an ibook in about 2003 in order to gain my Certified Helpdesk Technician credential) then my daughter took it over so I hardly used it again!
However after using the iphone I decided to purchased a macbook for travelling, which I loved so much I decided to buy a 24″ imac for the office which again I Loved!
At Christmas my Wife and daughter both got ipod touch. We’re all completely in love with Apple products now and I’m even recommending them to my clients.

My point is – that you often get introduced to a new supplier or product through the most unlikely channel (who would have thought I would become an Apple fan!). But, as a consumer, when you DO experience a GREAT product or service you tend to go back to them.

So if Microsoft can’t get the Mobile phone market or the MP3 market right – they are at risk of losing market share in every other field too!