/May 13th – Your weekend is Doomed

May 13th – Your weekend is Doomed

In case you didn’t already know – Doom (the reboot of the original PC Game) – is released today, Friday 13th May on Xbox One and PC. Hurrah !



original doom titleIf you have been around PC’s as long as me, then you are sure to remember the game, Doom, from circa 1993? It has to be one of my favourite PC games ever. At the time it was truly groundbreaking and the really astonishing thing was that with the right hardware and a suitable network you could play multiplayer against other people in real-time…….my mind was blown !

doom-rebootDoom was also a big inspiration to me – not because I wanted to become a game programmer or graphic artist; No, Doom taught me all about PC Hardware and networking. Let me explain. I was so taken with this game, that after playing the demo I decided there and then that my Commodore Amiga had to go and I was going to buy a PC instead.

The problem was in 1993, PCs cost a small fortune and as a student there was no way I was ever going to buy one outright. So my only option was to build one myself ! I started by using the money from my Amiga to buy a motherboard and processor and then got myself a job at a local PC repair company where instead of getting paid I worked for experience and parts ! After a few weeks I had my own 486sx 25 PC complete with a monitor borrowed from college (thanks John Clark) and the first thing I did was install Doom 🙂


This was my first introduction to PC Gaming and my love for Doom caused me to learn more about IRQs and DMAs and soundcards and graphics cards and overclocking and RPM speeds than any college course would ever have covered!

I won’t bore you with the whole story, but suffice to say I’m where I am today because of Doom !

So don’t bother calling me this weekend……….I’m going to be kicking monster ass all over again – now which level had the BFG ?

If you want to join me, you’ll find me on Xbox Live,  gamer tag ynotsoft