/iPad is great in bed!

iPad is great in bed!

According to a new Survey carried out by a company called NDPGROUP, The Apple iPad spends around 20% of it’s time in bed with it’s owner!

Hopefully this isn’t a new kind of XXX fetish, but rather is simply down to the fact that the iPad’s svelt like figure is rather more convenient in the bedroom than a typical Laptop!

As an iPad user myself, I confess that as time passes, my iPad is becoming more and more ingrained in my daily life than I had imagined…and… I confess I too take my little buddy with me to bed. It’s far more convenient to watch a late night movie on (via my Netflix Account) than the 46″ TV I insisted we needed earlier this year. But better yet when it’s time to go sleepy-by, my little ipad simply falls asleep on the pillow next to me!