/Import .pst files into Outlook 2011

Import .pst files into Outlook 2011

I was trying to migrate a Windows Outlook 2007 email account to a MAC today. Nothing too difficult in that you might think? Just export Emails into a .pst file on the windows machine and then import on the Mac (Outlook for Mac allows the import of windows .pst files). Except that when Outlook 2011 imports a .pst it puts the folder into the set of folders called ‘On My Computer’ – which is, unfortunately, NOT where the emails are kept on the MAC. The MAC is configured to use a GMAIL account via IMAP.

I could not find a way to import directly. “That’s not a problem” I thought, I’ll simply move / copy / drag the folders from ‘On My Computer’ to the Gmail folders – “Oh no you won’t” was Outlook’s response! It would appear there is not a simple way to do that!

Rather than rant on further – here’s a short screen cast showing the problem and my (Long Winded) solution.