/Facebook Facial Recognition – What can we do about it?

Facebook Facial Recognition – What can we do about it?

In case you haven’t heard, Facebook can now automatically ‘suggest’ names of people in the photographs you upload, because it has facial recognition software built into the service!

Apparently the 200 million or so Photographs that are uploaded EACH DAY, by Facebook’s 600 Million Users, are automatically scanned by the system so that it can recognize faces in the photos. The reason for this is to “Make it easier for you to Tag Friends and Family” in your photos! Yeah Right!
Although you can turn this service off (as is typical with Facebook privacy policy – it’s automatically enabled by default) – BUT it won’t stop Facebook from scanning and recognizing you in photos, instead it just stops ‘suggesting’ your name to other users when they upload photos of you!

Is it just me? or is this yet another example of Facebook going too far with OUR information. It won’t be long before someone can take your photo with their Phone and then ‘instantly’ look up all the information about you from Facebook, worse still, perhaps someone will be able to see ALL the photos that you have ever been in! Remember that party a decade ago when you drank a little too much? Or the New Year trip to Amsterdam when you ‘experienced’ the local ‘specialities’ ? Do you want your whole life history uploaded to the internet? Of course not, but the problem is you don’t have any choice, because your ‘Friends and Family’ and doing it for you!

I guess some people won’t mind and, of course, there will be the usual mumblings from the sandle-wearing, goody-two-shoes who will say “If you have nothing to hide then why are you worried”, but I for one don’t like it. I find it creepy and slightly worrying that all MY information is being compiled and analyzed by this company – without any restriction.

I think it’s time to reign in Facebook and get some control back – what do you think? Should Facebook be put into the hand of Government? Should it be closed down? Let me know how you think we should control Facebook.


Image: vichie81 / FreeDigitalPhotos.net