/Economic downturns affect even the rich!

Economic downturns affect even the rich!

The economic downturn has had it’s effect on just about everyone. From TAX increases to wage freezes and potential layoffs. We’ve all felt the pinch.

But no matter had hard things have become for you and your family, please spare a thought for poor old Steve Ballmer, the CEO of Microsoft.

That poor lad has had his annual bonus ‘crushed’ in half this year due to poor performance.

Ignoring his normal salary (a mere $670,000) he only managed to scrape together a meagre $670,000 bonus this year! (half of his potential $1,340,000!).

It could be a lean, lean Christmas in the Ballmer household this year! Let’s hope he gets employee discount on some X-Boxes!
Better yet, I’m guessing he’s got a garage full of Kin’s, perhaps he should give those away instead!