/You don’t use internet explorer – why should they?

You don’t use internet explorer – why should they?

Sometimes, as IT Professionals, we often take things for granted and forget that that the average computer user isn’t as up-to-date with all things Computer related as us nerdy types.

Take for example, the innocent Web Browser. I’ll bet that just about every ‘techy’ in the world will know that Internet Explorer has more security holes than a block of Swiss cheese and as a result we choose to run faster, more secure web browsers almost automatically and without further thought.

However to the average computer user in the street or in a small to medium sized business – this is not obvious at all.

They don’t realize that IE is, probably, the culprit behind their latest computer infection, or that IE is more likely to let their computers slow down and get overrun with malware and spyware. Or that IE can allow a dodgy website to install a bot onto their machines, that is now waiting to do DOS attacks on an innocent website.

Even the German government is advising against using IE (http://www.sophos.com/blogs/gc/g/2010/01/16/german-government-internet-explorer/) –  so it’s not just us!

So please do your friends, family, client’s and neighbour a favour and tell them their is an alternative to Internet Explorer and most of them are FREE and easy to switch too.  Once they’ve made the move – they may not remember to thank you in a years time, but you’ll know that’s why they haven’t called with yet another computer infection for you to fix!

We will be posting a short video on how to install a different web browser shortly.