/Disk Burning Icon in Finder

Disk Burning Icon in Finder

Hi Everyone

I noticed today that a DVD I burned on my Mac a few weeks ago has appeared in my finder, under places, and couldn’t get rid of it. It’s probably been there for a while but I’ve only just noticed it – but as I have recently developed a weird ‘Computer Neat Freak’ habit (I’m not a neat freak in real life – just ask my Wife!) I just couldn’t leave it there messing up my nice clean iMac!

Here is a quick screenshot:

It’s an unfortunate name too huh? “Brown Dell” – ha, ha 🙂

Anyway I tried dragging the folder out of finder – but it just kept springing back – so I tried dragging it to the trash, but again it sprang back to finder. I tried right-clicking it but that produced nothing, clicking the burn icon, did nothing so I figured I’d insert a blank dvd and burn it again. But that too did nothing to get rid of the nasty little critter.
I opened the Disk Utility App to see if there was anything in there – but there wasn’t so it looked like I was going to be stuck with this horrid little entry in my Finder sidebar.

Out of desperation I tried deleting the Sidebar preference file :


it’s in the folder ~/Library/Preferences

I restarted my Mac and to my relief it’s gone!

I have no idea why it appeared in there in the first place – but I’m glad it’s gone now and my Mac is returned to it’s pristine condition, just the way I like it!


Hope this helps someone else out.