/CUE Set Time

CUE Set Time

If you have a Cisco UC500 / UC520 device and the CUE or voicemail time is incorrect then you need to change the time  Рhowever there is no way to change the time on the CUE.

First telnet into CME and issue the

NTP Master

command so that CME becomes an NTP server.

Now login to the CUE using

session-module integrated-service-engine 0/0 session

do a

show run

command then quickly ctrl + c to cancel the scrolling – your NTP settings will be at the top.

Make a note of these and

go into terminal mode

conf t

remove all ntp settings that you noted above

no ntp server x.x.x.x

and now set an NTP server as your internal IP of your CME system.


ntp server prefer

now CUE will sync with CME and your voicemail times will be correct.