/Chrome Multi-Touch Gestures in Lion

Chrome Multi-Touch Gestures in Lion

The Good

One of the things I love about Apple’s new OS, LION, is the multi-touch gestures in Safari. A simple 2-finger swipe to the right – shows a sweet animation of the current page being moved to the right and the previous page appears below it.



The Bad

The only problem is that the other browsers on my system (Firefox and Chrome) don’t support this great feature. I often find myself frantically swiping left and right and waiting expectantly for something to happen and then my brain kicks and  remember I’m not using Safari.

Try as i might, I have not been able to find an add-on for these browsers that will replicate the effect in Safari, but I’m assured that both development teams are “working on fixes”.

In the meantime I did discover that both these browsers support a 3-finger swipe gesture instead (albeit without the lovely animation), unfortunately this 3-Finger swipe has a different action in Lion so they are not compatible.

The Ugly

Now I could go into my system settings and change the default behavior on the 3 finger swipe so that all 3 browsers are the same, but I’m reluctant to that – I find it hard enough to remember all those new  Gestures as it is, then I have to remember that Windows doesn’t support them either (yet), so there is no way I’m going to confuse matters even more by trying to remember that on MY system 3-fingers goes back and forth but on OTHER systems it won’t etc. etc.