/CallManager Express Non-Dialable MWI

CallManager Express Non-Dialable MWI

We’ve been working on integrating Trixbox with CallManager Express (Full documentation to follow shortly) and stumbled across an issue where a user had accidentally discovered the MWI on and MWI off extention number on our CME system.

To his great amusement he was able to dial the mwi extentions and switch on or off the mwi indicator on any phone on the system. By default these special CME extentions are dialable – This lead us to investigate a way of making them non-dialable like intercoms. Well it turns out it’s quite simple. Simply change the number under each number from say 9000 to A9000 and then in Unity Express (or your alternative Voicemail System) simpy change the mwi extentions to the new numbers.

To change the MWI indicator numbers in Unity Express

Reverse Telnet to CUE module : service-module service-engine 0/1 session

Then enter global config:
conf t

, then enter:
ccn application ciscomwiapplication

then change the following lines and replace the ???? with your non-dialable mwi extentions:
parameter “strMWI_OFF_DN” “????”
parameter “strMWI_ON_DN” “????”

Viola – CUE can now switch on and off your mwi lights but pesky users cannot!


Anthony Fear