/Blackberry’s ‘Passport’ to the future?

Blackberry’s ‘Passport’ to the future?

Hip to be square?

Blackberry Announced their new ‘Passport’ device on Wednesday.
Amongst the, unique, design decisions made on this device are a physical keyboard and an unusual square shape.

The device is intended for ‘Mobile Professionals’. People who need a desktop like screen on a mobile device, Blackberry claims their new square design¬†provides a much better experience and improved productivity vs normal ‘narrow’ mobile devices.

Below is an example image showing how screens from a ‘normal’ mobile device compares against the new passport.

Blackberry Passport






All the details are available on the blackberry website here:


Selling Well?

Blackberry have announced today (September 26th) that they have received 200,000 orders for the device.