/Apple TV – Cannot connect to Netflix

Apple TV – Cannot connect to Netflix

I love Netflix!

It’s been the TV revolution that my family and I have been waiting for – no adverts, tons of great programs and movies to choose from and they are all available when I want – at least they should be! But my Darn Apple TV keeps having problems connecting to the Netflix service.

I seem to be regularly receiving¬† an error 112 or 111 telling me it can’t connect to the Netflix service.
This is particularly embarrassing for me because it always seems to happen when my other half is trying to watch something – You see I’m still trying to convince her we should replace all our PCs in the house with Apple equipment – so when Netflix doesn’t work it’s like the sky is falling.

I already know how to fix the issue

Reboot your APPLE TV

but even that (for an IOS based device) is sloooowwwwwww and annoying.

So we usually just switch on the Wii and use Netflix from that instead.

Come on Apple – provide a fix, quickly please, I can’t convince my other half to buy Apple if the stuff don’t work properly !